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Monday, 6 September 2010

UK Artist: Pepperstorm Arts

This art bite features a UK based artist that I have been a HUGE fan of for a while! When I see her work, it always reminds me of having a really "cooling spiritual water-energy" feeling... there is a flow about it. Does that make sense lol?!? I have also seen her work on numerous flyers around culture shops in London, promoting events (talks, open mic etc) and other artists.

About the artist:

"I am a painter, jewellery designer and sculptor living in London. I began my career as an artist in the mid-eighties designing backdrops and promotional material for warehouse parties and clubs. During this time my work took me to Japan, Australia, North America and Europe where my interest in the arts grew and I began to express myself through painting and sculpture.

The biggest impact on my working technique came through the first visit to my homeland of St Vincent. I was completely overwhelmed by the vibrancy of colour and richness of the culture, something that I had expressed previously in my painting without understanding where the inspiration had come from. This visit inspired me to paint more frequently. I later traveled to Senegal and The Gambia which gave greater meaning and understanding to my work. I spent six months working with artists and sculptors and have made many return visits

I have a BA in Jewellery Design from Central St Martins. During the time studying my paintings took on a sculptural quality with many of the pieces showing the delicacy of fine jewellery and a sculptural quality in the form of collage, print and surface decoration.

I have enjoyed working as a freelance designer and maker producing processional sculpture and costumes with EEA and educational work with KORI. I also work with the Indigo Collective and I am a member of the art group Colour and Movement. My main project at the moment is the commission of two outdoor sculptures for the Altnegelvin Hospital in Derry Ireland.

I work from my studio in South London. Although I love the time I spend locked away in my studio, I also enjoy working on collaborative projects with other artists and in community settings."

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