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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Vegie Foodie: Homemade Horchata Drink

With Summer here, it is a great time to try cooling drinks. Keeping on the Spanish theme lol, this is a must-do!!!

This is one of my favourites that I love drinking with ice. In Spain, you can buy this in cartons and ready-made but as I'm in London, I have yet to find any... who needs the easy option anyway, when you can make your own right lol?!?

It's a lovely drink made from chufas (or tiger nuts) which is packed full of health benefits! This drink also has origins in ancient Egypt, which I just found out now while seeking the recipe lol. Another version which I just learned about now is from South American, using rice. I haven't tried this but very curious to make it! There are also other versions using almonds which sounds tasty too... Learning something new everyday huh!

Every cafe in Spain has this stuff and it's so delicious and refreshing!!!

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