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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Raw Foodie: The Live Green Smoothie 85% Challenge

I have been on the look-out for a way to add much more raw food into my diet, slowly able to transition from cooked or to combine it. I found this (click to enlarge)!

Then, taking it one step further, I found a fantastic blog with with information and the perfect challenge...

Welcome to The LGS 85% Challenge!

Your mission should you choose to accept it: to use Live Green Smoothies (LGSs) to radically jack up the raw and living foods in your diet to around 85%.

Why 85%?
Because in my personal experimentation, that seems to be The Magic Zone, where weight, well-being, and wellness seem to find a beautiful, easy, natural balance.

Trying to lose weight and feeling stuck? Then try jacking up your LGSs to 3 blenderfuls a day, add a raw meal or two, and you’ll start to break through that plateau (just be sure you’re getting your sweat on for a good 30 minutes at least 3 times a week, as well)!

Feeling sluggish, no energy, heavy, or depressed? Honestly, I haven’t spoken to one person yet who jacked up their diet with 3 blenderfuls of LGSs every single day who did not report a wonderful increase in energy, well-being, and mood!

Those Live Green Smoothies really are like magic!

Everyday, challenge yourself to see if you can hit the 85% marker with the amount of raw and live foods you include in your diet.

Do this by: The Live Green Smoothie “85% Challenge”:

Consume three blenderfuls of Live Green Smoothies every day.  A blenderful is at least 32 oz., and my recommendation is that you make two in the morning and pour them out over ice in 4 water bottles, and then drink them by mid-afternoon. Then make another blenderful before dinner. That’s fully 96 oz. of Live Green Smoothies every single day!

Make one of your meals 100% raw. Doesn’t matter which one it is. Could be brekkies, could be dinner. Be flexible. Do what fits into your day. But learn some recipes that you really enjoy and make one every day. If the raw realm is new to you, spend $5 for one month of access to my recipe library and explore the possibilities. Start with “Angela’s Favorites” category and see what appeals to you. Or browse the EZ Browse Recipe Library for ideas. There’s some good stuff there.

Make one of your meals “rawish”… meaning, with lots of raw, living foods in it, but paired with something cooked. For example, a salad sandwich, or a great chopped salad or raw salsa eaten with avocado and organic tortilla chips. Or have that roast chicken you made for the family, but with something raw on the side… a tasty salad, perhaps. Greens optional, just make it yummy.

And that’s it!

The “85%” part is approximate, and I judge it by quantity, not by caloric density. If you’ve eaten mostly raw and living food all day long and then have a piece of grilled steak with greens at dinner, that’s definitely “in the zone”.

Are you in?

I started up the challenge today, combined with workouts, so this should be interesting! My cooked section will rotate around the following foods: lentils, chickpeas, red kidney beans, quinoa and other protein packed cooked foods.

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