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Friday, 7 May 2010

Video: Yes LIoness! Art

I have loved Yes LIoness artworks, tees and products for some time now... so gorgeous!

Have a look at this great video featuring some of her works...
Marjorie Borgella is a Visual Artist, freelance illustrator and Entrepreneur.I am the owner and Artist of Yes Lioness.Com: 

"At heart I am an Afro-Caribbean Woman born and raised in Brooklyn,New York. Free mind & spirit, world traveler and nomadic sage. A modern girl with an old school kind of thinking. I have been making Art since I was about 5 and it has always been my first love. I have shown my work in homes, galleries, Art festivals and have worked as a freelance illustrator and Art teacher for many years. My work expresses my love of all things African, Carribean, Feminine & Beautiful." 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

no comments? people are sleeping! lol just that first image alone got me revved up to paint something. thanks!