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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Hitting 3-0... What Were/Are Your Experiences? Share!


I was having a laugh with my SO the other day about growing older... I remeber having an anxious "moment" when I was 9, sitting in the classroom, bored of my teacher's ramblings and thinking that I was going to be 10 - And my panic was "Oh my God, I'm going to be so old!" LOL.

I'm a 4th July baby, so I still have a little while still until i reach my 30th Earthday... but it got me thinking about my old expectations and now, how my 20's have turned out and if this is really the place I want to be when I hit 30. I feel like the 20's have been such a great time for discovery - hard lessons mainly, but very much needed! And I actually can't wait to start my 30's - It just feels like it was about time!

A question out there for all of you...

I want to know what hitting 30 means/meant to you...
What do you expect to achieve before your 30's?
Were you happy or not looking forward to your 30th Earthday?
Did your expectations at a younger age (teens, early 20's) of being in your 30's turn out to be true?
What advice would you give to anyone about lessons to keep in mind when turning 30?
For the older women reading this, what advice and words of wisdom would you share (your top 5 tips if you like) on growing older in general?

A woman in her her 30's is ____(fill in the blank)____

Just a few Q's for reflection, but please do share!


Deborah Estelle said...

Wow! I can't believe you haven't gotten ANY responses to this post until now. I read it the other day and didn't comment because I'm not 30 yet! LOL! Just celebrated what I will call as a wrapping up of my 20's... 20somthing close to 30! LOL!

I am not really sure WHAT to expect of my 30's except for a much healthier, mentally and spiritually mature, woman.

My 20's haven't really been so great. My perspective has to do with the fact that almost NONE of the goals I have for life, career, dreams ect have been acheived yet. At this point it looks like at least another 3-5 before I can really even start reaping the fruits of planning/preparation.

You see, I started to really 'get to know myself' and challenge my own rebellion, thinking and fears only within the last 4 years. And though I've had some AHA momemts in terms of 'seeing' who I am or who I'm supposed to be most victories have only been short lived. :(

So much internal struggle that I've often sabotaged myself, often, right before I've gotten to the point of "success"... Or goal reaching. Then, I oft have gotten discouraged and basically fallen all the way back!

Take my weight for example. Gained about 40 pounds and was FAT!!1 Didn't want that... Lost 20... Got really toned and got all the way back down to about 30... Now I'm back up that 30 again!!! So istead of at least staying there and slowly going down, I am repeating the same journey... Again!

What I will say is that I've learned a lot about my insecurities, thinking and angst. I've learned how much fear I was living in and how much I CAN'T stay there. I've learned that I can't allow others' opinions of me to keep me from acheiving my dreams and that being confrontational is okay... As long as I am also not antagonistic also!!!

Hopefully these things will serve me well in the future... As I see 30 being more calm and settled in a more grown up shell!

Blessings! Happy Bday too! :)

mecha said...

I just want to say right off the bat that as someone who has recently discovered your blog, I am always impressed with the topics which you discuss.

I too will turn 30 this year (on July 3rd) and have been contemplating many things about this milestone...mostly centred around relationships, travel and creating a place for myself (both physically and spiritually) where I can be comfortable and strong within.

I've been reflecting on the past but mainly my thoughts are drawn to the future, and where do I see myself in the next 5 to 10 years. I feel like I'm at a crossroad and I'm still trying to fell my way through...I see turning 30 as a time of amazing creativity and growth. It's the close of one chapter but the opening to another, which I hope will be even more interesting and enriching. So, to fill in the blank, I think a woman in her 30s is free to choose who she wishes to become.

I hope that this provides some insight.

Thanks for the great blog and very best wishes on our shared birthday!

"Holistic Locs" said...

@ Deborah & Mecha
Thank you so much for sharing your personal journey, I feel I can very much relate to your words!!!

Give thanks ;o)