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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fashion Creative: Sarong Style

I'm finally getting a chance to dig out some Summer clothes as the sun seems to be making more of an appearance in London town, woo-hoo! My favourite time of year.

While searching through the piles of clothes, I pulled out a selection of sarongs and materials that I used to wear for head wraps. I haven't worn headwraps in a while and in Summer, it just feels way too hot for me. But the materials are so pretty, I couldn't bear to put them back in hiiding lol.

It's amazing what a piece of material can be used for when experimenting - from headwraps to dresses to skirts to beach wear etc. So, thinking up ways to use it in daily Summer wear in the city, I found this video...

Cute sandals, skinny jeans, strappy top, big earrings and a sarong... maybe I will wear that today!

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