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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ladene Lenora Clark: Yes! Thick Locs Are Super Sexy!

Ladene Lenora Clark Website

I has seen random pics here and there of this gorgeous locer but never knew her name or if she was a model etc. Until I finally tracked her website down! She is such an inspiration to me, not just because she is amazingly beautiful, but also because she knows how to rock her thick locs!

I chose to have thicker locs - and they chose me too lol! As my locs started thinning at the base, I combined them to thicken my roots and then my locs just grew in thickness since my first skinny little braids started... I wasn't expecting thumb size locs lol.

Yes, I do find them challenging sometimes... even from other naturals which I found odd! Example: I went to a all-natural hair salon a while ago and the man behind the counter was asking me what I wanted, so I said that I had never been to a hair salon and would like to curl them... his eyebrows lifted when I said I never had them professionally done, like it was a bad thing! And when he asked me to turn around to see my locs, his facial expression didn't get any better lol! Oh well lol. Thick locs have their own mind when it comes to styling, but I wouldn't have them any other way!

As Ladene shows... Thick locs are also sexy!

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JouJou said...

I love love Ladene Clark Beautiful woman talent and vibe One of my fav hairspirations!