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Monday, 22 February 2010

March Challenge: My Capoeira Journey Begins...

I knew I would come back to it. Capoeira.

But it's not March yet lol?!? Just excited to get started and doing my own workouts.

It felt like the same strong urge I always get when I am about to start something that feels *real* and right for me (like the time I started my locs)... full of excitement, fear, knowing that it would take me out of my comfort zone but willing to be open to this unknown path ahead. It just kept calling me! The music, connecting with the ancestors, the friendships, travel, new culture and community spirit.

"The spirituality in capoeira is very loud - a lot of music, young energy," Lima explains. "In capoeira, finding harmony and peace in a chaotic situation is not by meditating, but by getting hot in the fire."  - Mestranda Edna Lima (in picture)

Why do I want to learn capoeira?
To bring my attention back into my grounding source (my body), to meet new people, to create ritual in my life in a new way by connecting with the ancestors, challenge my body and see what it can do, to be unconditionally open to learning. I want to overstand what the lifestyle of capoeira brings. I want to start from scratch and it feels new.

I wasn't sure how begin to again... did I ever really begin last time?!? This time around I wanted to find a group that would help me grow... the capoeira family... and with all the different groups out there, it felt overwhelming! So, I took my time... I searched through all the old info I had previously explored and found many new groups/info that had formed since the last time...

And then I realised that I wanted to have a female capoeira Maestre (teacher) to show me how the Goddess body's strength is used. I wanted to have a female teacher who would guide me through this new journey...I want to discover the feminine in Capoeira...

I searched again... It took a while. I eventually  found 2 groups that had female Maestres and was even more excited when I saw that there was now more information out there that represented women in capoeira today! Maybe this is why I didn't really get into it properly the first time. There's always a reason for everything! I am back to the start and this time I know it feels right.

There is something amazingly beautiful about women in capoeira - the balance between yin and yang, as the expression is truly feminine by the female player yet the strength is so yang! Women in capoeira value their strength, their freedom of expression and their joy!

The first step was to say YES!
OK, now my fears became real... Thoughts: I don't feel fit enough, my body isn't as flexible as I would like, will I "perform" well in roda, will I make friends easily... AHHHHHH LOL!

I booked a beginners course (start from scratch and re-learn everything) with my chosen group. Something just told me that this was the group I wanted to start with and the right teacher to learn from... to start fresh and be truly open to the experience.

So, my capoeira journey begins... I'm super excited!

Some links I read often:

Inspirational Natural Beauty: Mestra Edna Lima

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Anonymous said...

I am at the exact point in my life. I just started capoeira AGAIN, and I was looking for hairstyles to do during my capoeira classes and during roda, which led me to your blog. Can't wait to see more, let us know how your classes go!