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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Vegie Food Focus: Lisa's Kitchen Blog

There's still a big snow panic over here in the UK and in this weather I go into hibernation mode lol... dusting off old books and mags, yoga, blogging, sleeping, dreaming...

And FOOD...oh yes, I love cooking food in this weather! I get lazy about it during the hotter months (the food tends to be a lot lighter for me too...more juicing etc.), but I always crave flavour-full (spicy even) food in these months. Yum ;o)

I had a look through my kitchen and found the humble azuki beans... perfect for keeping full for longer, packed with healthy goodness - and as I have been looking to tone up, lose a few kgs and start capoeira again, it's a perfect source of vegie protein.

A quick google search later and I found many recipes using azuki beans.

I have found many blogs in the past for vegie recipes but Lisa's Kitchen is GREAT ... I seriosluy can't find any recipe that I wouldn't like to try for myself and it promises to add some spice into vegie cooking - inspired!

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