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Friday, 15 January 2010

Modern Women? Sex And The City

I'm seeing this trailer everywhere as the hype builds up towards the Summer. Yes, I do love watching it but I'm kind of having second thoughts about whether this is a healthy vision of modern women today...

When it all started, I think I was naturally open to it... After all, I hadn't seen anything like it - it was a refreshing show... (alhtough it did remind me of a revamped version of Waiting To Exhale - love that movie)... here were 4 women, living their dream, on their terms... what could possibly be wrong with that?!? Then I discovered other similar series like Girlfriends... more love to these shows! Modern women were starting to make their Self known as strong, independant, happy, self confident etc in the mainstream media....

So, whats *my* problem now?!?
Random recent observations...

Since Sex And The City came out, the increase in magazines that potray women in a negative light (pointing out how awful a celebrity looks, drawing circles on pictures to mark out cellulite, negative gossip etc) has grown - I am not saying that the two are related of course. It just feels like a general trend of mags and media (usually by women for women) who are turning the positive vision of modern women into a tired negative experience. When did it all start getting ugly? I love fashion and occasionally tune into celeb news but where's the positive experiene? (One of the many reasons I don't buy hair and fashion mags anymore). It just feels really uncomfortable to me.

I recently returned back to college in 2008, after being in college ten years previously also. Naturally, a great amount of students are a much younger age than me... I'm loving the college experience again but I am shocked at how much pressure from the media young women seem to be in (size zero, having to have label clothing, looking up to WAGS as role models etc.) ... did I face the same pressures back then?!? I don't think so and I'm glad too!

I also notice that there is a different movement growing... that of the Holistic creative modern woman. I saw this logo which kind of made a point of it in a strange way lol...

I feel much more connected to the modrn Goddess energy movement, where women are drawn to the old ways and using it in their everyday life, along side the positive aspects of being a woman today (more choices, women's libs, breaking out of the box etc) and having the freedom to explore Self with more creativity... it works for me!

All this leaves me asking...

So, what is a healthy positive image of modern women today?

Do you feel images of women (like in Sex And The Ciy) potray a positive image for modern women?

How do we find the balance between celebrating our past and present?

What do you think our generation/era of women will be remembered for?

It is a big topic I know lol!

Just sharing a few reflection Q's I'll be working on today.

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Amina said...

You ask great questions. I used to watch religiously Sex and the city but the more I rewatch the episodes, I am mad! For once, it wasn't realistic. How can Carrie a columnist afford all of these shoes/handbags? For the longest time, I thought that I needed to look a certain way to be accepted somewhere.
Then, Carrie was too obsessed about men and you never had a message that said it is not wrong to be single, follow your dreams and be You instead of obsessing about Mr. Big and who did you last night.
Personally men don't throw themselves at me and I rarely get male attention. I used to compare myself so much and those shows didn't help. Today, I accept that it is okay to be single and focus on myself, work on myself because if I am meant to meet someone, then I'll be ready and won't enter the relationships with lots of insecurities and other emotional baggage. However sex and the city made me feel like it is wrong to be single..except of course for the single ladies episode.

Then, sex and the city never really talked about relationships between women. It presented them under competition. In my world, getting together a group of women without drama is...well I haven't seen that yet.
Shoot, in real life Carrie and Samantha can't stand each other. conclude I don't think SATC portray positive image for modern women. We never saw black women/ latinas/ full figure women..none of that

you feel images of women (like in Sex And The Ciy) potray a positive image for modern women?

How do we find the balance between celebrating our past and present?

What do you think our generation/era of women will be remembered for?