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Friday, 1 January 2010

January Challenge: A Click A Day...

HAPPY 2010!!!

One thing I have been wanting to get into is my photography. I broke my ancient digi cam and somehow forgot about my love for photography for a loooooooong time! So, that was one of the things I decided to present to my Self this festive season. I needed it!

The challenge:
Take a creative pic every day of January 2010. It can be of absolutely anything at all that inspires me each day! I know for a fact this is going to be one of my most stressful months of this year so this should be interesting! Stay tuned ;o)


Anonymous said...

oooh, that sounds fun.

participating in something like this would encourage folks to get out everyday and expect to see something wonderful.

i'll join you for january ;-)

"Holistic Locs" said...

[To PlantFolk} Hey there! That would be great if you could join in... just realised how much I take for granted my everyday environment, so many great unexpected snap shots waiting to happen lol!

Keep inspiring!

Holisticlocs x

Marci said...

I'll join the challenge as well! :) Sometimes, we're so busy in life we don't take the time to stop, look & listen to what's around us. This should be interesting!

Lion-ess said...

Hi I'm doing a similar project.. It's Project365... take atleast one picture everyday for a year,

I started 1st Jan and it's going pretty well.