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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Avatar: Spiritual Lessons From The Na'vi

My mother begged me to go and watch it - I wasn't sure as I usually get bored with Sci-Fi type movies but she managed to persued me in the end. So we were across the road from the mall with the big Avatar sign staring at us, waiting to cross and my mother asked if I wanted to watch it in 3D or 2D - somewhere next to me, a guy turned around and said "You should definately watch it in 3D - its AMAZING!" , smiled and ran across the road. Hmmmmmmmmm... decided then lol!

Unfortunately, it turned out all the 3D shows were fully booked so I watched it in 2D which still looked great. Although I didn't find the general story to be original at all (there are so many versions of this type of story!), the graphics and emphasis on Goddess energy was so strong. I couldn't help but fall in love with the characters (especially Neytiri)! It was packed full of spiritual lessons... After the film, there was even a few claps from the back lol! That kind of surprised me but given that it brings up many inspirational subconscious elements that everyone can relate to at this time, it's refreshing to see a film out right now on it. A good reminder!

Personally, I loved the messages related to "I see you", using instinct and feeling in a two way expression that guides us through daily life and when nature decides to teach us arrogant humans a lesson and takes care of its own.

I found this on a forum discussing it and wanted to re-post it here...


Spiritual Lessons from the Na'vi

1. Seeds, trees, animals, insects, water, leaves are all part of the web of life. Everything is alive and conscious and interconnected.

2. It may be necessary to kill for food. A clean kill involves a respect and a ritual for any animal that gives itself to you for food and other uses.

3. Even vicious and seemingly violent animals have the right to protect their turf and participate in the dance of life.

4. Having a good heart and being fearless are part of being a warrior.

5. Signs are all around us in nature and in our own experiences: they are meant to be read and interpreted.

6. Using the power within us is the way of the sacred feminine.

7. A greeting is an act of engagement with another. Open and active presence is conveyed by the words "I see you."

8. It is important to listen to the voices of the ancestors.

9. Everyone is born twice: once at birth and once again when he or she earns a place within the community.

10. Energy is pulsating in and through all forms of life.

11. Mother Earth doesn't take sides; she protects only the balance of life.

12. Healing is an act of the community calling upon the divine.

13. Everyone needs to train in attunement to the spirit in nature.

14. The magical flights of the shaman invoke spirit helpers.

15. The world is a collaborative work in progress in which each individual in the tribe has something to contribute to the whole.

What did you learn?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thanks for the clip! it was great to see what the actors did to prepare for the performances.

i know i plan to see it again (in 3-d this time!).

go neyteri!