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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Loc Style: Bantu Knots

I am the LAZIEST loc styler! I hardly ever style, except for the occasional bun or side ponytail. So, it is good to find an extra easy styling video that won't take up too much time. This style can also be experimented on, like only doing 2 large bantu knots in the front and letting the rest of your locs loose.

I LOVE YouTube for all the clips and information it has on locs, so please do a search! I will post more loc videos here too.

Happy loc styling!

Monday, 27 April 2009

All Eyes On Cuba!

Cuba has been on my travel list for some time now and I'm hoping next Summer, I will FINALLY get to see this glorious place for my Self!

Until then, I'm dreaming on it! And right on time, bringing in some great energy for Spring/Summer, there are a couple of Cuban shows in town which I am looking forward to exploring!

I LOVE watching dance shows and these shows promise to be super powerful!

Havana Rumba - more info...

Update: I had THE best time at this show! I often hate going to theatres that feel so big that you're left totally unattached and separated from the mood of the performance. This theatre was JUST the right size to make you really FEEL part of what was going on in front of you, plus a little interactive dance with the audience/dancers at the end was super fun!

Havana Rakatan - more info...


Saturday, 25 April 2009

Travel Inspiration: A Woman's Tale!

I don't mind throwing away old things - but there are some things I will REFUSE to get rid of or re-cycle. My books. My precious books. I still have books on my shelf from my teen days and I still smile when I see the covers on the dusty shelf. My books are precious to me. Mind you, I don't have as many as I thought I did... but each one has a crazy tale or memory attached to it that remains positive to me. So, I keep them and treasure their stories.

One of these books was "The Road Within". I bought this book when I first came to London. I was still pretty much a care-free travel junkie (my travel life has slowed down since but that will soon change lol!). All these years later, I'm enjoying the collection of books from Travelers' Tales . And now I am delighted to see this latest book out from them... "The Best Women's Travel Writing 2009" book, part of a series of books that celebrate women's travel. That will be most definately be on my wishlist of books to buy! Sharing travel through story-teling is so magical to me, it keeps me motivated and reminded that travel will always be a great part of my life - and I need to nurture it!

I feel there is an amazing bond between traveling women. There is a special supprt network that travelling women seem to naturally oversatnd and create between eachother. For this reason, I wanted to share these links that have been so useful to me over the years...

Please do post and share your links and travel nspired resources!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Our Magical Doorway

I think doorways have always been a symbol of a sacred place, a Self-home and OM barrier that protects us from the inside/outside worlds. So it is no wonder that in many cultures, doors are always decorated in creative and symbolic ways and used in meditations - bright and full of life. A warm welcome and special point where people leave/enter.

This came to mind while re-watching one of my favourite Spanish films "Caotica Ana" and she would always draw or paint a doorway in her home, which symbolised an entrance to her past lives and her inner-being. She knocks on it and listens...

I feel like the connection of everyday material things/objects to our spiritual Self has been lost in many ways.

A door can carry with it negative energy too, into your home, if it is not properly cleansed or guarded. I only ever really invite people who are positive and objects which will serve as Self tools through my door. It is also said that "lower" energy and negativity is carried at floor level so its a good idea to leave shoes and stamp feet before entering further into your home.

And it works the other way too. When you leave your home in the morning (or any other time), do you bless your journey ahead at your doorway?

As a Reiki healer, I try to remember to cleanse my door using Reiki regularly. I will be looking into decorating it on the inside too (plants etc), with affirmation and art to keep my journey to the outside world feeling light and positive! ... Another thing to add on my to-do list as I clear my home out now.

Some reflection Q's to ask your Self:
What does your doorway of your home mean to you?
How will you make your door sacred in your home?
How will you bless your day when going through your doorway to the outside world?

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Hair Inspiration: Natural Hair and Big Chop Documentary

I found this little gem... discussing natural hair and the issues around it.

It's always interested to see different points of views regarding this topic - and what a HUGE topic it is lol!

The topic that hits me most is natural hair in the workplace... and I have seen this topic re-posted in every natural hair forum over and over again, where it becomes a discussion point, for example: in interviews - how to wear your hair, head wrap or not etc. In my experience, I feel confidence speaks louder than hair - and I personally would not like to work for a company/workplace who didn't accept my hair or made me feel that I needed to change to suit it. But in saying that, I would be lying to you if I said that I never thought about it many times in my early loc days when I was going through stages of having to go to job and study interviews.

In the end, I realise that it is my body/hair and I should have the choice to be who I am freely. By going into an interview (or in any situation in life), the more I felt comfortable with my Self, the more it reflected in my performance and the positive energy I project. The rest is beyond my control - For me I feel it is a wasted and pointless battle to try and change/convince others on a topic that most times they have already made their mind up on - and maybe won't ever change.

Even before the famous book came out "The Secret", I was a believer in the law of attraction. And it works... Just be positive and pro-active! The rest follows.

Head high! ;o)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Locs Update! Pictures, Thoughts & Routine Info...

Freshly washed freeform locs - 8 Years 8 Months of locing!
Texture Shots - I combed out the end of one of my locs:

Today I received a surprise email from someone who has been following my loc journal from when it started way back in 2001, time flies! And she asked me why I wasn't talking so much about loc care in my new website or sharing pics here and what happened to my older Holistic Locing group website. Thanks so much! It made me smile ;o)

To answer these Q's: I am in the process of adding pages to this website ( which will have updated info on loc care - I feel the older website has a lot of old links and information missing so stay tuned for that! Why haven't I been talking so much about loc care here so far? Mmmmmm, I guess I stopped thinking about my loc journey now - it pretty much takes care of its Self lol! ... which is why I love locs so much! After it matured, I got more and more used to just letting them BE. I am keeping everything pretty simple too - wash and go! I love African black soap and natural shampoos. After a wash, I rinse with Apple cider vinegar and put on Oyin's honey hemp conditioner (which lasts me a LONG time!). Leave in for a few minutes then rinse and go! That's it. I feel my locs have been much healthier since keeping it simple. I love brushing my locs too with a soft bristle brush, in roots to tips direction - keeping my locs fluffy and lint-free. This is great tod o after a good spritz of water/lemongrass essential oil mix in a spray bottle. Smells yummy and fresh! And my scalp feels so relaxed! I do this in the morning and night to freshen my locs. In Summer, I rinse and wash more often. In Winter, I try to keep them protected with headwraps or in buns and protective styles.

About the Holistic Locing group - It was such a shame to let it go. I had many members which I valued and loved as they shared a lot! So this is why I have created this space. So much holistic info was lost so I felt it was time to revive it here! Let me know what you think and what you would like to see here! All comments welcome ;o)

About posting pics: Honestly, it did put me off doing so after finding a few of my loc pics scattered in other websites. If you want to use it, please ASK! And add my website to the pictures too.

I did try to pick out one of my locs to see my texture again. I've been getting so many dreams of loose hair, Ijust got super curious lol! I'm not sure what hair type it is.... maybe you could post up your thoughts on what you think it maybe. I used to say it was 3C but now my texture seems to feel so different. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Are my locs heavy? No, maybe only when wet. Over the years, I have joined two/three locs together so I don't have many locs (maybe less than 50!) and I'm glad too. It keeps my locs feeling light. The most important thing I wanted was to have a thick root base so my locs didn't thin out (I lost 1 or 2 to thinning which was heartbreaking lol!).

So, that's it really! Enjoy ;o)

Monday, 20 April 2009

Un-Plug. The Simple Life!


How good it feels to simply switch off the world of TV!

It took me back to a time where I made the conscious decision to not have a TV in my living space. And I can honestly say that at that point, I felt at my most creative! No distractions, no longer being fed images/information that I had limited control over or was tempted to keep absorbed in, my imagination and creativity provided a space to work and explore. Maybe this sounds a little extreme, but I do honestly believe that the TV can be our worst enemy when it comes to nurturing creativity.

So here I am all these years later, plugged into the TV and my only existing TV crashed and broke in a comedy-style action I clumsily did a few days ago. And I now remember how it is and feels to have new energy without it. Do I miss it? Yes! But thank goodness for the internet... I feel like what I am watching is MY choice (choosing the re-runs on websites of specific shows I feel connected to), not just a series of adverts/messages that lead me to mindlessly watch on to programmes that serve me no creative purpose. Yes, it could very easily be my own fault too for not just switching the TV off after a specific show, but you know how it is... it's so easy to just flick and catch on to another.

So rambling almost over - I'm just glad I did remember!

It's also part of my decision to simplify my life further... less clutter or "stuff", less spending on need-less rubbish that I know I don't need but felt like buying anyway, removing old for new! Mind-fully DE-CLUTTER my space. Speaking of simple living, here is a book I LOVE... it just gets down to the vital points of action!

How to Simplify Your Life: Seven Practical Steps to Letting Go of Your Burdens and Living a Happier Life by Werner Tiki Kustenmacher and Lothar J Seiwert

Some simple living and de-clutter websites to explore:

The Grump.

"You Brits just love being miserable!"
Oh YES lol!

The first time I heard about this book title (read about it), I rolled over laughing and got it straight away. I'm not British - but I have lived here for 10+ years and even though I can say many positive things about living in the UK, I can also relate to this in everyday life. Classic.

Take the example of the hit show "Grumpy old women" - I don't get it! And the latest is from this survey. Apparently, Londoners are the most grumpiest in the UK - and the most stressed people in all of Europe. Londoners are also the most lonliest in the UK.

From the article: He says that the character traits of Londoners are now
so amplified and different from those of other regions that it has become almost
like "another country". Mr Rentfrow said: "London is becoming psychologically
separate from the rest of the nation.
I felt it was a good time to bring this up as many nappturals around the world have asked me what it is like to live in London. So, here is my take on *my* experiences here...

If I played "The Grump":
Since everyone seems to be going on about London being grumpy and stressful, I'll join in and share the bad things that I hate about this city first, before ending on a positive note lol!

If I had to look at London through a negative point of view, I would definitely say that there is a lack of balance in daily life. As a natural health activist and empath, it does get difficult to make life focus on something other than the wallet. Everything is so expensive and the quality of life does not give you your money's worth either, compared to other parts of Europe that I have lived in. What I would spend on one night out here would be worth maybe 4 nights out doing the exact same thing in Madrid for example. So everything tends to revolve around money, material and "getting ahead" in that front. There is so much to see creativity-wise but you need to have some steady good income to really go out there and explore/pay for it all.

Travel on the tube is by far one of the worst pars of London for me. Now I'm not saying we all need to be jumping with joy and laughing on the tube, but it can be a pretty miserably cramped and stuffy place to get caught up in, especially in rush hour where we are like canned sardines. With our personal space constantly invaded by others, it's no wonder people put up barrier energy. The London free papers serve as a perfect weapon to shield your Self lol! Think I'm joking?!? ... observe it when you have the chance or travel to this side of the pond. People and the energy does feel miserable sometimes. I don't look forward to using it. In general, I feel London is crammed up and with no breathing space, the tube is just an example.

The subtle divides: Unless you were born and raised in London, I do feel that there will always be a divide in the way people feel about this city Vs people who have come to live in London for whatever reason. As a person who moved to London in '98, I have observed that there are many hidden divides in the way people interact on a daily life. "Outsiders" are more likely to connect and group as friends than with those who lived here all their life who form their own groups. And as for multi-cultural-ism, I feel there is a lot that London has to offer on different cultures but they all pretty much remain completely divided from one another. With that said, I still feel I need to point out that there is certainly more tolerance and diversity than other places I have visited in Europe. The class system and North/South UK divide is also a very dominant factor in society.

So whats the good news - if any lol?!?
London still remains to me one of the most vibrant places I've visited in creative freedom. At its best, it can provide a lot of inspiration if you are looking in the right place. There are numerous events and cultural and creative awareness/activist movements to keep you connected to the creative flow. People come here for so many reasons and one of them is to have the complete freedom to re-invent and explore Self - in their jobs, studies, creating a new business etc. There are so many choices so it can be good if you keep super focused on what it is you truly came to London for. I feel this city is where I found my Self and what it is I wanted in life - and to be honest, I don't think any other city would have taught me all the lessons that London has shown me... so I feel grateful for this city's energy.

London is a very napptural loving city!
Over the last few years, I have seen more and more natural hair loving people and businesses popping up. It's great! I hope Adornment comes back soon as this show was one of the best in bringing together all things natural. There are also many hair salons that specialise in natural hair, like Locs 4 Life and Purely Natural. Visit Tyte Curl for UK natural info. There are many other links out there - these are just a few that came to mind now.

So, I guess every city has its good and bad points. As a person who loves to travel, I feel London is a great temporary spot to be in for now- who knows where the next city/town will be!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

OM! Artcile: 20 Amazing Facts About Happiness

20 Amazing Facts About Happiness
- from this website

Scientists are beginning to identify the roots of positive emotion. You will be surprised – and encouraged – by the findings of recent research as outlined below.

1) Although genes and upbringing influence about 50% of the variation in our personal happiness, our circumstances (income and environment) affect only about 10 percent. The remaining 40% is accounted for by our outlook and activities, including our relationships, friendships and jobs, our engagement in the community and our involvement in sports and hobbies.

2) A good mood has a distinct smell. Scientists have found that people can judge whether someone is in a positive mood from their body odour alone. In one experiment men and women were shown scary films while their armpit odour was collected on gauze pads. A week later researchers asked strangers to decide which pads came from people in a good mood and which came from frightened people. They were able to do this with surprising accuracy.

3) Older people are more satisfied with there live than younger people: a recent survey by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention found that people aged 20-24 are sad for an average of 3.4 days per month as opposed to just 2.3 days for people aged 65-74

4) If you do 20 minutes of exercise, three days per week for six months, your general feeling of happiness will improve by 10-20%.

5) People who rate in the upper reaches of happiness on psychological tests develop about 50% more antibodies than average in response to flu vaccines.

6) According to researchers at The World Database of Happiness at Erasmus University in Holland, Denmark is officially the happiest nation in the world, followed closely by Malta, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland and Canada.

7) In the USA clinical depression is 3-10 times more common today than two generations ago.

8) Immigrants tend to acquire the happiness characteristics of the nation to which they move, not the nation from which they were born.

9) Richer workers tend to be happier than poorer colleagues, but research suggests that happy people tend to have greater potential to become rich, so it’s a chicken or egg scenario

10) People who suffer strokes or other debilitating diseases suffer tremendously in the short term but after a while their happiness is only slightly below the average of the population.

11) When people get married their happiness peaks, but after a while their happiness returns to the level it was before they got married.

12) Women tend to experience their all-time lowest life satisfaction at age 37, whereas men typically experience this at 42

13) Having 100-200 belly laughs a day is the equivalent of a high impact workout, burning off up to 500 calories.

14) Gold doesn’t guarantee happiness. Studies of Olympic athletes found that bronze medal winners are happier than silver medal winners and sometimes happier than gold medallists. According to the Australian teams psychologist , Graham Winters, it feels better to come third when you are not expecting it than to be pipped for first.

15) The late pioneering social psychologist Professor Michael Argyle, who conducted many happiness studies, showed that among the things that made people happy are sport, music and - most of all – dancing. Encouraging sports facilities everywhere would greatly increase a nations happiness. Group dancing which, which combines, exercise, music, community, touch and rules, also drastically increases happiness.

16) Several studies have shown that a pet can reduce blood pressure and stress, promoting health and happiness.

17) After basic needs are met, extra material wealth has little or no effect on life satisfaction or happiness (broadly speaking you would need to receive a windfall of more than £1 million to transform you from an unhappy person to a happy person – and even then the effect is often temporary).

18) People in steady relationships are generally happier than singles.

19) In nations with high levels of income equality, such as the Scandinavian countries, happiness tends to be higher than in nations with unequal wealth distribution, such as the USA. People tend to prefer more local autonomy and more direct democracy to increased income.

20) According to a new look at a 40 year old study on child rearing practices conducted at Harvard University, those children who were hugged and cuddled more grew up to be the happiest.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Challenging Workouts - With a Latin Dance And Fitness

With the warmer weather coming in, I wonder why it is that I hadn't been able to quite stick to my workout programme that I had lined up back in Autumn! In truth, I am not a fan of anything cold (I never did understanding why people love ski holiday -uh uh lol!) so Winter is always a time where I feel like eating more and being in hibernation mode. Even though, I have kept to doing regular yoga sessions and I now want to try out more challenging workouts...

I've always loved dancing and Latin music. Capoeira has been a key interest to me for some time too so I was glad to finally find a few DVDs that gave me a combination of challenging workouts, that incorporated all of these... and more!

This has been sweeping across the world and has reached the UK with a BANG lol. This form of execrates seriously works out your whole body but the good thing is, the music really keeps you going with a fusion of mainly Latin music and other types of feel-good rhythms. I bought the box set which had 4 DVDs, from beginner's level to Power Zumba and a toning section for your lower body. Watch some youtube clips on Zumba and visit the main website for details on all their products.

Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body Workout DVD

This has been an enjoyable workout DVD to add to my little growing collection. It includes different sections, including a section with a combination of Capeoria and upper body workouts which I found to be a nice mix. Below, you'll find some videos that will show you a little on this DVD.

The Capeora Workout

This was by far the most challenging DVD workout! I had heard many good things about this teacher and was delighted to hear that she had a DVD out to do Capoeira and practice the moves at home.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

OM! Beauty: Botanical Scents

Gentle and natural scents to keep you in tune with nature!
I was on the look-out for natural botanical perfumes that would bring Spring/Summer to full blossom.
Here are some shops, links and products to try:
Sakura solid perfume by Lush
Solid perfumes are different from alcohol-based scents as they melt into your skin in an earthy & sensual manner, melding with your own scent, and becoming a scent unique to you. Yes, this will smell slightly different depending on who is wearing it. Solid natural perfumes are a discreet way to wear a scent as it will scent you rather than the entire room. Lush has a whole range of other fragrances in different forms too!

Eau de toilette fraƮche Lilas by Yves Rocher
Oh my! I have to say that I am the last person to choose a floral perfume - I used to avoid them like the plague before, until this came along! Subtle, fresh, super feminine and can be worn on any occasion. This feels beautiful to wear. And the floral scent is not overpowering at all. Like Lush, there is a whole range of fragrances to try!
Etsy does many online shops that sell botanical perfumes.
If you still feel like exploring botanical perfumes and want to support handmade creativity, these are great Etsy shops to buy from! A wide range to suit anyone.

Roxana - Illuminated perfume - Etsy shop

Arte del Profumo - Etsy shop

If you wish to learn more about botanical perfumes, visit this blog.

Online Magazine: Moon Dance - Celebrating Woman's Creative Energy

Moon Dance: I simply love this online magazine!
Over the years, I have seen it to be transformed into something more and more beautiful and in tune with women all over the world.

In this issue:
HOPE - The hopeful woman embraces her deepest wishes. She trusts her instincts and desires to create a clear vision of her future. Her confidence becomes buoyant as she looks forward to the pleasing promise of an optimistic outcome. She creates plans to accomplish her vision and realize the fulfillment of her hopes. Her positive expectations encourage her to begin the journey toward success.

Please take a moment to enjoy this creative space

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Divine Incense: Creating Energy Flow In Sacred Spaces

Spiritual Connection To Incense:

When Spring hits, the first signs I usually notice is the fresh smell of the Spring air, especially when I pass by my little park daily and start to realise that the air is now filled with new aromas of Spring flowers and plants that are embracing the new season. It feels magical!

A few years ago, while working in Barbados with my partner, we used incense every day to cleanse our stall space of negative energy - attracting people and also repelling others. It was then I realised that incense can be so much more than just a way to make an environment smell divine. Incense has been known for many generations in several cultures to have meaning and promote energy on so many levels!

It is important to keep in mind that when buying incense, choose high quality incense that is natural and if you are using it in an enclosed space or room, keep the windows open so that the smoke is not too concentrated and the fresh air can circulate and create flow.

Here are a list of incense properties and how they work with energy...

Allspice ~ Money, Luck, Physical energy
Amber ~ Love, Comfort, Happiness, Healing
Ambergris ~ Psychic ventures, Dreams
Anise ~ Increase clairvoyance
Apple blossom ~ Peace, Success
Apple ~ Bring cheer, Samhain, Healing
Balsam Fir ~ Strength, Break negativity
Bay ~ Purification, Protection, Healing, Psychic powers
Bayberry ~ Protection, Control
Benzoin ~ Purification, Prosperity, Psychic ability
Bergamot ~ Attract money, Uplift spirits
Blueberry ~ Ease emotional heart ache
Camphor ~ Lunar works, Chastity
Cardamom ~ Gain courage for situation
Cedarwood ~ Healing, Purification, Unhexing, Protection, Spirituality, Money
Cherry ~ Love, Spells, Divination
Chocolate ~ Peace, Soften strangers
Cinnamon ~ Purifying, Stimulation, Money, Love
Citronella ~ Cleansing, Warding
Clove ~ Stimulating, Stress relief, Memory, Protection, Exorcism, Purification
Coconut ~ Protection, Chastity
Copal ~ Love, Purification, Uplifting, Protection, Exorcism, Protection, Cleansing, Spirituality
Cranberry ~ Uplifting spirits, Love
Cypress ~ Comfort, Healing, Protection
Dessert Rain ~ Revitalize, Cleansing
Dragon's Blood ~ Potency, Protection, Love, Healing
Egyptian Musk ~ Love, Lust
Eucalyptus ~ Healing, Purification
Fern ~ Banish evil
Frankincense ~ Astral strength, Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality, Love, consecration
Frangi Pani ~ Warding off, opening
French Vanilla ~ Love, Psychic abilities
Gardenia ~ Peace, Love, Healing
Geranium ~ Power in rituals/magick
Ginger ~ Success, Empowerment, Money
Heliotrope ~ Psychic power, Attract wealth
Hollyberry ~ Protection, Purify space
Honeysuckle ~ Money, Psychic power
Honeydew ~ Protection, Increase
Hyacinth ~ Good luck, Love, Spirit
Jasmine ~ Love, Money, Dreams
Juniper ~ Calming, Protection, Healing, Love, Exorcism
Kyphi ~ Attract love, Success, Banishing
Lavender ~ Cleansing, Healing, Love
Lemon ~ Psychic/mental clarity, Love
Lemongrass ~ Psychic/mental clarity
Lilac ~ Warding off, Soothing
Lily of the Valley ~ Peace/comfort, Memory
Lime ~ Energy, Fidelity/loyalty, Uncrossing
Lotus ~ Spirituality, Healing, Meditation, Opening, Elevation, Protection
Magnolia ~ Harmony, Psychic awareness, Peace, Nature, Trees, Hair growth
Mulberry ~ Powerful protection, Strength
Musk ~ Aphrodisiac, Prosperity, Courage, Purification
Myrrh ~ Hex-breaking, Meditative, Healing, Protection, Peace, Consecration, Meditation
Myrtle ~ Love, Money, Venus
Narcissus ~ Earth, Grounding, Sleep
Neroli ~ Self-purification, Sexual attraction
New Moon Hay ~ New beginnings, Uplifting
Night Queen ~ Control, Change, Passion
Oak Moss ~ Breathing
Orange Blossom ~ Attracting proposals
Sweet Orange ~ Attract men, Peace, Luck
Patchouli ~ Mastery, Growth, Love
Peach ~ Positive thoughts, Harmony
Pennyroyal ~ Purifying, Water, Gout
Peppermint ~ Energy, Mental stimulant
Pine ~ Grounding, Strength, Cleansing, Money, Healing
Rain ~ Cleansing, Purification
Raspberry ~ Protection, Spirits, Death
Rose ~ Love, House blessing, Fertility
Rosemary ~ Remembrance, Energy
Rue ~ Protection from hexes and curses
Sage ~ Healing, Spirituality
Sandalwood ~ Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Spirituality
Sweet Clover ~ Faithfulness, Protection
Strawberry ~ Love, Luck
Sulfur ~ Protection, Exorcism
Sweet Pea ~ Attraction, Friendship, Strength
Tangerine ~ Uplifting, Energy, Strength
Tea Tree ~ Eliminate confusion, Harmony
Temple ~ Use in sacred space
Thyme ~ Healing, Protection
Tonka ~ Love, Money
Tropical Rain ~ New beginnings
Tuberose ~ Sensuality, Serenity, Calming
Vanilla ~ Lust, Mental powers
Violet ~ Wisdom, Luck, Love, Protection
Watermelon ~ Joy, Revitalizing, Spirits
Ylang Ylang ~ Euphoria, Harmony, Love

Monday, 6 April 2009

OM! Books: A Challenge With Moving Toward Balance: 8 Weeks of Yoga - By Rodney Yee

I love Rodney Yee! His work always offers a very practical, work-able and progressive way to bring fitness into our daily lives. This book is definitely a must for anyone who loves yoga or is starting it, as it gives a packed programme (including detailed pictures of poses) of yoga sequences that can be followed and explored.

This book will bring yoga to your home, help you develop a home routine - and by the end of it, I am certain that you will truly appreciate the many dimnsions of yoga and how the poses work!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Earthnicity: All Shades Of Beautiful!

Following a post I did many moons ago about the joys of natural mineral make-up and Blac Minerals, I was asked by several people if I knew of a UK based company that do a wider range of mineral make-up than is normally seen on the shelf in the UK shops.
Although I am not a person who likes to wear make-up everyday, I can understand how frustrating it is to only find like 2 semi-dark colours on the shelf and a hundred and one peach shades of foundation. Even in London, which is very multi-cultural, it is a bit of a hit and miss process of finding the right make-up for darker skin tones.
I'm delighted to say that I do know of a company and have tried ad loved their mineral range. It's called Earthnicity and it is very much a natural and easy to wear line of products.
Please check them out@

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Reflections: Spring Cleaning Just Got Deeper...

Happy April!

This is the time of the year when I start to really get excited. It's the time when we start to notice that 5.30pm no longer seems like a a dark scurry of people rushing home to escape the rush hour. And when I start to see bundles of yellow adding a new and refreshing uplift to the grey skyline of London. Spring time makes me very happy!

But this year does feel different. The air feels much thicker, with a lot of gloom that the usual Spring uplift won't shift. Whether I like to hear it or not, the financial crisis is bringing up a lot of unrest and day-to-day talk that I can't escape, even if I try. Which is why this year's Spring cleaning is going to start with a much deeper look at how going back to basics does really work. I have often caught many people (in the media and in daily life) saying that now is a time when collective positive thoughts need to progress further, where values are placed and re-organised in a different way and when survival is no longer just about money matters and how heavy our wallet is. And a time when Spring cleaning will have to last a lot longer than just one season.

There is a lot of work to be done and it is something that I feel everyone can relate to on one level or another. I do feel really bad for those who have fallen in this current climate. But on a positive note, I do feel this will actually be a good opportunity to seek new directions that will bring lasting positivity. A new job, a new career, maybe time to go back and educate (through academic courses or by Self taught methods) to keep positive. I love the many stories that are coming up of people who were made reduntant at work and then found their joy in starting up a business of their own.

Spring cleaning and de-cluttering is much more than just a physical act of getting rid of unwanted and unnecessary items in our daily space. It is a state of mind, the act of de-cluttering toxic thoughts that stop Self from living to our fullest potential. It's the act of finding purpose and cutting through negative chit-chat that cloud our minds with worry, anger and fear....
All these things can stop the natural flow of Universal energy in our lives that manifest into material...

A few reflection Q's:
If money is simply a form of energy exchange, how can you find resourceful ways of using your gifts and interests to keep it flowing?
What can you sell or swap in your home space hat will bring in new energy and/or income?
What does money and security really mean to you in non-materialistic terms?
What can you de-clutter in your mind right now that will bring you opportunities that you didn't think of due to mind clutter?
Can you connect with friends or family members who share your creative energy, work on new ventures, to create a trong flow?
Think out of the box.
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