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Saturday, 26 December 2009

British Curlies Website/Shop

British Curlies Website + Shop

There used to be a huge problem of finding products in the UK/Europe that are normally widely talked about on hair forums. In fact, it drove me nuts lol - especially in the days when I was a serious PJ (Product junkie) and got excited about every product review out there for curly/kinky hair. Along with previous posts of UK/Europe based online shops, there is this website that I recently came across by accident...

Great products, natural hair articles and information!


Linda said...

Love your blog and British Curlies forum too!
I've been lurking around their forum for quite a while.
You are soooooo lucky you live in the UK!
Another site you should check out is
I LOVE LOVE LOVE her products and when I'm in the UK I order in big bulk, to save on shipping. When I had locs her products (Babassu Shampoo, Whipped Butter Cream and Rhassoul Deep Conditioners) helped keep my locs soft and my roots moisturized.
I've cut the locs, just keeping my hair real short and natural. Again I LOVE me some Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep Condish and whipped butter cream. Keeps my 4a-4b nappy crown in check!
Happy New Year!

GamineGirlie said...

Recently moved to the UK, this is really informative! need to check out these sites

Zuri Natural said...

Have you tried
They have great natural hair and skin'll be converted

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