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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Songs O' Strength: Speech - Like Marvin Said...

This tune takes me waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back... a firm favourite on my player.

Happy JULY!!!

See Video here.

For fellow Cancerians:
"Your July Forecast: There are some experiences that we have no option other than to repeat. Breakfast, for example, is very much a ritual. Same tea, same toast, same time of day. A hundred other factors will arise, today, much as they did yesterday or the day before. This is not just a tolerable state of affairs, it's a desirable one. When, though, we find ourselves acting out the same drama, over and over again, something HAS to change. Doesn't it? Mercury in your sign, this July, brings the insight with which to break a bad habit. All you require is the willingness to innovate and the courage to embrace change. It's going to be an amazing month..."


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