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Friday, 31 July 2009

My Loc Inspiration! Thick Loc Talk

Long before I had locs, I was following this journal: Natural Freedom Journey

At the time, around 2001, there weren't as many blogs and websites that had information on locing. There were only a few (which I can count on one hand) that really inspired me to get started on my journey! And one of the biggest online loc inspiration was from this lady here! She gave me the idea to start my locs with braids, as all other methods just fell apart after 1-2 days. I finally found a technique to start, on my own, that worked for me (thanks to her info)! And over the years of locing, especially in the first few years, her website grew and inspired me further to hang in there!

This is a common question I get a lot about starting locs with braids: Will my locs get thick like yours?

Below, I have posted her answer to it which I pretty much relate to. I had skinny braids at first and with time, they plumped up as the budding began and the braids puffed outwards. It was only when I started combining them (due to thinning roots) that my locs started to get thicker. I was not so concerned at the time about the thickness as I was with the root strength.

Loc Tip: My advice to anyone starting locs is that if you want thicker locs, you can always combine them later so no stress on size! It's much harder to thin out locs than to thicken them up along the way. Start with the size that feels rght for you!

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Amina said...

great advice
i just took down my babies locs to make them