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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Age Issues + Hair Talk...

One year away from hitting 30. I can't wait!!! All the talk over the past few years of the quarter-life crisis , seeing it happen to many around me and getting to grips with really exploring what I want in my life (the highs/lows) has been very enlightening, but tough I admit! Although I'm not in a rush to get older, I certainly do admire the confidence and strength that older woman have...

Observations: Is it just me or has growing natural hair knocked off the years in how you look? After reading this blog, I do wonder if this has something to do with it?!?

I'm throwing these Q's out to you:

What has your 20's brought you? And what did you learn about your Self?
If you are above 30, what advice would you give to younger women nowadays?
What is your secret to keeping young?
Has your natural hair and/or lifestyle made you feel younger and more youthful?


Amina said...

I just turned 28 so I completely understand what you mean.
For me the 20s was hard. I try to be as positive but I really hope the 30s will be better.
Anyways, in my early 20s, I was all about pleasing people, forget what Amina wants, it's all about making so and so happy because they'll do the same thing right? wrong!!

I was also allowing others to walk over me, trying to change to be others.

the hardest is the weight gain and accepting my woman curves...

Natural hair does make me look younger but also allowed me to accept myself and set my own beauty standards. I am slowly getting to a point where I'd rather have a small circle of friends....

my secret to keeping young: shea butter, water and sleep

Anonymous said...

in my early 20s, my only concern was to graduate, land a degree-related job, and marry my fiance. i wasn't thinking beyond paying off college debt and enjoying newlywed life. by mid-20s i was married and my focus was to make sure we didn't live in debt, that we planned for our financial futures, and that i maintained my own identity in our marriage. in my late 20s and early 30s i became a mother, which allowed me to witness new and unusual changes in how i was evolving, but also how the dynamics of my marriage was evolving (not in a negative way). i am now 38. my philosophy is that i don't want to sweat the small stuff. life is short and it is my prayer that everyone can have at least one chance of happiness or things working out perfectly for them, no matter what it is. i have had chemical-free hair for 34 of my 38 years. my husband recently told an in-law that i still get carded for drinks and get asked for my student i.d. when we go to the movie theatre! i love it! most of it is genetic. my mother is almost 75 and looks far younger. i do think that my simple routine of an olive oil skin cleansing routine, an herbal shampoo and conditioner, and eating low carb, minimally processed foods is another significant factor. i think the less you mess with your body, the better preserved you can be as you age. that's why i can easily count the number of personal care products i use: 1. cold-pressed olive oil to cleanse my face/neck, condition my hair, and moisturize my face and body 2. wheat germ herbal shampoo and conditioner 3. organic clay as a face/neck mask to draw out toxins after my period 4. deodorant 5. pure olive oil soap 6. apple cider vinegar as a weekly pedicure foot soak. i love this site, by the way!

Jc said...

Nice to 'see' you over here Amina!

I am 27. I love my life and it is only going to get better. I have always been self confident and self assured. I don't really set my life goals according to calendar years. I think every day is an opportunity to learn whether you are 20 or 70. Never ever stop growing mentally!

My secret to keeping young - love life as it is now. You will never be younger until we figure out the time space continuum. Find yourself a great partner who thinks like you do or better (preferably better).

Natural hair makes me feel sexy, happy and content. I do think it can make me look really too young (was offered a child ticket at the cinema/a door to door salesman asked me where my mummy was/ always asked for id to buy wine). I have figured out that such is life and it is great (especially since I am really well past the age for getting asked for id!)

Nyesha "Healthy Locs" Samuel said...

My 20's were my figuring it all out stage. Now that I'm in my 30's I know exactly what I want and refuse to settle for less :-)

I love the freedom of loving myself enough to not let anyone else define me. And of course you can't tell me a thing with my gorgeous mane of locs flowing free down my back LOL

My natural hair gave me a confidence that I never had when I was relaxed as a teenager. Embracing my roots was the best choice I ever made in my 20's.

Nyesha "Healthy Locs"

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