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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Tarot Tales: Oshun Guidance

“I am the honey-sweet voice of the waters. I am the flowing of a woman's skirts as she dances her life.”

Recently, I asked for guidance on matters of the heart - not just in terms of connections in my life, but in overall guidance for a direction to reflect on... And as always, it is during these times that I am drawn to do more meditations and tarot sessions. In return, this card was revealed and reminded me on how important it was to keep focused in living as part of this powerful energy flow... I love this Goddess!

"Oshun, the Yoruban Goddess of love, delights in the creation of beauty and art, sensual delights and self-adornment. Her symbols are mirrors, jewelry, honey, golden silks and feather fans. Creativity in decorating home and temple is a way of honoring Oshun, who will bless any beautiful space created in Her honor. There is no object so common that Oshun will not appreciate more if it is made artistic and pleasing to the eye. Creativity in dress and self-adornment please her as well, and when Oshun is pleased, her blessings know no limits..."

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Meditating on this Goddess energy.

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Darasia said...

I'm a daughter of Oshun. I'm glad Mama's helping you reconnect! Please check out my blog at