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Monday, 1 June 2009

Songs O' Strength: D'Angelo - Africa

Happy June!

I love meditating and doing yoga to this tune...

It's a song that I feel celebrates the ancestors, our futures, our Higher Self, Self progress and the Universe (You-In-Verse)...

Africa is my descent
and here I am far from home
I dwell within a land that is meant
for many men not my tone, yeah...

The blood of God is my defense
let it drop down to my seed
showers to your innocence
to protect you for all eternity
and with this wood I beat this drum
and we won't see defea, yeaht...

From kings to queens becomes a prince
knowledge wisdom is
understanding what we need...

(And this day will come)
Ever since the day you came
my whole world began to change
I knew then to dedicate my life
for your own

(And this day will come)
Everyday I see you grow
and remember what you already know
I receive the love
that radiates from your glow...

From which you came was love
and that's how it all should be
you and my soul are one
though all the time and history, yeah...
(And past)

And I...
Thank you. Thank you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

woah. haven't heard this song in a while. it's a beautiful tune. d is a wonderfully gifted dude...