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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Loc Meditation For Your Journey Through Locdom

Visualisation Mediation on your loc journey...

Meditation can be used for anything, I mean ANYTHING lol! As well as being very good for stress and health, it can be used to bring positive energy into your Self image and confidence.

Locing can be a very challenging process, as the locer learns to let go of old mind-sets that they might have carried with them from their relaxed days and patience is the most obvious lesson that locing teaches, as well as truly trusting the process - in what you are doing and what it will bring... locing can bring up feelings from pure joy to utter frustration, especially in the early stages (baby - teenage stages) when locs have their own mind, with the locer has loss of control.

So this is a little meditation to keep the energy positive, to help visualise a calmer journey through locing and focusing on accepting your locs and journey for what it is. Many believe that locs carry a lot of energy with them, so this meditation can act as a cleansing of your crown chakra and locs...

This meditation can be done at any time but I find it very helpful when I have finished treating my locs to a bit of grooming (like after a shampoo session). As with all meditation work, it's good to not have a full stomach and to sit or lie in a position that keeps the spine straight - This can be with crossed legs on a cushion placed on the floor - or if you need more support for your back: You can still cross your legs or extend them forward and have your back resting on a wall. Other options: Use a straight back chair to sit or lie down on a yoga mat on the floor with a cushion under your head (but don't fall asleep lol!). You may choose to have music playing softly in the background too - I love tuning into Goapele, Fertile Ground and other soothing positive music!

Place a mirror in front of you - you will be using this to focus on your Self during the meditation.

To begin: Sit still and ask for guidance (through your ancestors, your religious beliefs or anything else that helps you in spiritual growth - optional). Place your hands on your laps, facing upwards as if ready to receive from the Universe (You-In-Verse). Now take some deep breaths in and watch how your breathe travels in and out of your body. Close your eyes and focus on your third eye (the point in between your eyes) and keep focusing on your breath.

Now ask your Self: How do you feel about YOU at this moment in time? How do you feel about your inner and outer beauty? How do your locs make you feel at this point in your loc journey? Observe the first reaction thoughts that come to mind after each question. Try not to judge them. Try to stay unattached to these thoughts/feelings. Just observe and take a mental note.

When you are ready, imagine a bright cleansing light begin as a small spot on your third eye and let it grow larger. Feel this light travel upwards, to the top of your head (Crown chakra) and to your locs. Keep feeling this light cleansing your crown and enjoy the warmth of it.

When you are ready, open your eyes and look in the mirror in front of you. Watch your crown, take a mental note of any thoughts that come up when you are gliding your eyes around your locs. Repeat these affirmations in your head or out loud: "My locs are a reflection of my inner beauty. As they grow, so do I in body/mind/soul. I truly trust the process of this journey!" Feel any changes to your feelings/thoughts after repeating these affirmations...

Then close your eyes and visualise your locs growing... healthy, strong and full of positive energy/life force. Visualise how you would enjoy exploring your loc care and your overall style! Watch your energy branches (locs) grow from your soul in your visualisation and mature as your locs blossom with creative energy and inner depth. Feel the excitement of change in your Self and through locing!

Imagine your Self a few years down the line with locs that have formed perfectly for who you are!

Enjoy ;o)

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Theresa said...

I'm definitely going to give this ago, im currently transition to natural hair and have a few inches curly fro, i'll be cutting the remaining awfull ends at the end of the month which is when i hope to start my loc journey as well, im a mix of very excied and nervous hopefully this will help. Your blog is fantastic!!!

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