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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Brushing Locs: Everything You Need To Know!

When I first started growing locs, I was SO glad to get rid of all my combs and brushes... If only I knew that I would soon return to using a brush and brushing even more than when I had loose hair lol!

Here are a few questions that locers usually ask:

Why brush locs?
- It stimulates circulation to the scalp when brushing in this area, making my scalp feel de-stressed and tingly (it's amazing how much tension/stress our scalp holds daily!)
- It keeps lint and other bits off your locs.
- It makes locs feel more alive, fluffy and moisturised.
- It feels SO good and relaxing lol!
- It's a great thing to do for your partner/family/friend too

When is the best time in the locing process to start brushing?
I think that when your locs reach the stage when they stop unravelling is a good time. Every locer reaches this stage at different points in the locing process. Test this on your locs around the 8 month mark.

So what do you need to start brushing locs?
Most people choose a soft bristle brush (like the one in the picture above). This is sold in most hair shops. There are also brushes available to use on children that are soft for locs. The key is to get a brush that is soft for your locs and doesn't harm them. A trick: Test the brushes in the shop before buying by stroking the back of your hand. When doing this, ask: Does it feel soft or brittle?

You might find that locs are better to brush with moisture - so a spritz bottle will come in handy.

How do I brush my locs?
Add moisture to your locs first by spritzing your locs. This can also be done when your locs are still damp from washing/rinsing. Depending on how long your locs are, its good to use soft brush strokes from the direction of root to tip.

Please note: Brushing at the roots causes frizzy roots. If you are a freeformer, it probably won't bother you. If you like your roots to be twisted or with minimum frizz, brush 1-2 inch from the roots to the tip of your locs. If you do freeform, I have found that brushing is a great thing for loose fly away hairs at the root and it has helped attach loose hairs to locs, while keeping my mini-fro-roots tame and soft.

Hoe often should I brush?
This is a personal thing for each locer to decide. First thing in the morning is a good way to start a routine. It can be done at anytime during the day, when you feel your locs need it!


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B said...

Woooow! I never knew this. My locs are only 6 months old so I'll wait another 2 months or so before starting.