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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Your Ideas: When Your Space Is Stacked With These...

Magazine after magazine of yoga, health and holistic material taking up space in my home...

I love them, I don't mind having them around- over the years, they have been a great source of comfort and inspiration, they keep me company when I'm having a day in with my Self and a hot cuppa of herbal tea... except that I am more and more aware of how much space they consume in an already restricted living area. My weekly habit.

It's crazy but I have tried cutting down on buying them with no luck! I admit, sometimes I don't even get around to reading them properly until a few months after ... I'm sure I'm not the only guilty one lol!

So - what do you do to these magazines in your home? Do you keep them and stack them up - or cut out relevant articles in folders - or make a collage of inspiration...? I don't want to throw them away. I need some help on this one!


plantfolk said...

oooh, i'm currently going through old (like 4 years old! lol) magazines and i take out the articles that speak to who i am at the moment.

i put the articles in my vision book and give the magazine away. i know you don't want to give the magazines away though. why don't you want to release them? do you feel you'll be missing out on something if you let them go?

maybe you could scan the magazines and still have them in a sense but they'll no longer take up space in your home. hmmm, that's all i can offer at the moment.

hope you find a solution that works for you :-)

Holistic Locs (Reply To Plant Folk) said...

Thanks! This is good advice!

Maybe I'm worried that if I throw them away I will be missing out - there have been many times where I find an article useless at one stage and then very useful a year later lol!

Many thanks, I will look into it ;o)

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