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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Meditation Challenge: Bring Reiki Into Your World

A 7 day challenge: Meditate on the Reiki principles
Staring June 1st 2009

To begin a new month with positivity, this is a week-long meditation challenge from the 1st of June. Even if you are reading this post a few days/wees/months down the line, it's never too early or late to get started on a meditation challenge!

I have been attuned to using Reiki for healing since 2005 and I LOVE it! I started off doing free distant healing sessions and the results were amazing and I try to use it when I can n my own life. Although to practice healing, a course with a professional teacher and attunements needs to be done first - it is still possible to use the Reiki principles into your life without being attuned.

For me, the principle I find hardest to do is not to worry! I have a bad habit of worrying about everything. It's getting ridiculous lol!

So, for this challenge, all you need to do is take 5-10 minutes a day in silence or with calming background music. Bring your awareness to these Reiki principles (above) and use them as an affirmation to repeat over and over again (either out loud or in your head), with pauses of silence in between. Of course, the mind likes to wander and when it does, repeat the affirmations again! Just observe your breathing and any sensations in your body.

When to do this? It is best to do this first thing in the morning so you start your day in positive spirits and calm. But if that's not possible, an time that suits you is great too!

Have fun!

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