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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Holistic Innerview: Helina Metaferia

Innerview With Helina Metaferia
a.k.a. meta~artist; a.k.a. Divine Soul Mother of Self-Healing
Visual - Healing - Community Artist
"Thoughts are things; the physical world is the illusion." - From the movie What Dreams May Come. Similarly, my role as a creative manifester is to birth new possibilities.

Please tell us a little about what inspired you to explore holistic health, how you started using it in your life and what is the most rewarding experience(s) of sharing it with others?

I became interested in holistic healing somewhere around the age of 20. During college, I worked in an African based cultural book store in Baltimore, Maryland called Everyone's Place. I began reading a lot of books on metaphysics, chakras, etc and began to learn yoga. By the time I became 21, I was so open to Spirit that Divine Healing through Reiki, the arts and holistic sciences became fully integrated in my life. I began to walk the path of Self Healing. It has now been my lifestyle for the last five years.

As a Reiki Master, Professional Yoga Instructor, Fine Artist, and Natural Healing Artist, I now offer services to various communities through workshops, classes and private sessions. My art is also a service. I create mixed media paintings which I exhibit regularly and I have murals in Washington, DC. For whatever reason, Spirit has given my these talents and gifts, and I am grateful to share them with whoever can benefit.

Your art work is absolutely beautiful - what inspires you to create it?

My art is inspired by life experiences and my spiritual path. I paint figures with bold color. The color is the energetic transformation occurring within the subject, and the abstract integration of background and foreground suggest ambiguity between the seen and unseen worlds. I do not think of my paintings as portraits, but rather a close examination of what it means to be human.
Please share your current projects with us (events, workshops, etc)?

I am currently teaching several workshops throughout Maryland, including yoga, a meditation intensive, intuitive painting, chakra painting, and creative healing. I exhibit art at various galleries in New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. For a complete listing of my current workshops and shows, view my website:

(Click image to enlarge for full details!)

What does it mean to you to "Live Be-You-To-Full" in daily life?

It means to be unafraid, unapologetic, and authentic to who you are and where you are in life. Be patient with yourself, love yourself, and be thankful. You are exactly where you need to be at this exact moment in your journey. Give yourself permission to breath and be who you need to be to the fullest extent.

Do you have any words/advice for anyone who is new to yoga and the holistic
lifestyle and wants to explore it?

*Smile* Welcome! Enjoy the voyage. It is a path that leads you directly to ourself. I am glad, in this contemporary world and social structure, that I have found myself through holistic wellness. And I know you will be to.

Can you share your favourite books and resources that you use regularly to
keep you motivated on your creative and holistic path?

Yes! You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay has been a life saviour. Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is the best and most original text on yoga. I keep it by my side like a Bible and refer to it every so often. It is magic - the text makes more sense the deeper I am in my practice. Other books I would recommend is Opening to Spirit by Caroline Shola Arewa, The Secret, and those by Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham).

You have beautiful hair and I have admired both your locs and loose hair pictures. Could you share your natural hair story with us: When did you go natural and why? What is your locs routine now and what do you feel are the differences (if any) between having loose hair and locs in your own natural hair journey?

I have been natural most my life. My mother did not believe in perms and so I only permed my hair twice when I was twelve or so. I stopped flat ironing my hair at age fifteen and cut off my hair completely. Since then I had worn a curly afro, grown locks for seven years, cut them and grew another afro, and then have had locks again for the last two years. When I had my first set of locks, I felt I was too attached to them. They were long and everyone complimented me. It was strange for Ethiopian women to have locks at that time, and so it made me unique. I cut them so that I could teach myself to let go and non-attachment (both are principals in yoga). I grew my locks back because I loved the low maitenence style. I also know how powerful locks are, and I felt that I needed the strength that they could provide. I am completely not attached to my current set of locks, and feel like I can cut them tomorrow and be fully okay with that.

Please share a meditation with us:


Begin by sitting quietly in a comfortable position with your eyes resting shut and your spine straight. Breath gentle breaths at your normal pace. Begin to focus on the present moment, simply exhaling any old lingering thoughts and inhaling new vibrant energy.

Concentrate your awareness on your navel. This is the powerhouse for your energy. Feel your diaphram expand as you inhale, rounding out the belly and filling your center with new air. Exhale and draw the navel towards the spine, flattening the belly and letting go of any tension. Repeat this breathing technique at your own pace.

After a few moments, call forward the healing assistance of your Highest Self. Ask the wisest part of you to generate the highest frequency of healing possible. Have faith that you can summon this energy up. Feel this energy originating in your navel center. What does it feel like? What does it remind you of?

Allow this potent energy to expand from the navel center. With each breath let it expand a little further. Let the healing extend through your chest, head, legs and arms. Let it expand into your aura. Let it expand into the entire room, the building, the neighborhood, the city, the country, the continent, the world, the universe. Let yourself be massive with healing, that anyone that is living can feel that healing energy as well. Remember your strength, your power, your healing ability. Feel how good it is to dance in the universe with this much strength. Concentrate this healing on a family memeber. Send it to a pet. Send it to a war torn country. Send it to Mother Earth. Play with it, roll in it, love it. It is yours.

After you have felt the beauty of healing, slowly release all that energy, drawing yourself back into your own body. Feel the healing you have generated congregate in your heart center. This is the house of Love, one of the most powerful healing energies. Give yourself a moment to feel your own heart and how it feels to store healing there.

Take a few deep breaths. Bring awareness back into the room. Wiggle your fingers and your toes. Open your eyes. How do you feel?

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