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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Food Talk: Vegie Spots We Love In London!

InSpiral Lounge (website) - Camden Town

I usually travel down to Camden town for some inspiration - there are so many stalls and artists selling their craft! Unfortunately, I feel as though this place has become a little touristy and commercial over the last 10 years and some of the original creative magical energy has gone - One of my favourite vegie spots used to be on the main high street here too and it closed down several years ago which was a huge shame. So, it's lovely to see a newer space to relax in that always has a great energy to it and sells delicious foods!

The Heavenly Cake Company (website) - Various Locations
My partner runs a culture stall in different events in London and this company is always around, with her gorgeous cakes. After winning a raffle, my partner came home one day after a show with a huge carrot cake which didn't last very long in my hands lol. Shameless. It was absolutely divine lol!!!

Pogo Cafe (website) - Hackney

Living in Hackney is an experience lol. Although it has been said by many that Hackney is one of the worst places to live in London, this area of London feels like it's going through a lot of changes. It certainly does provide a lot of African inspired events and places to visit. There are many spaces in this part of town that are not obvious but very rich 'n raw in creative energy! One of these spots can be found in the Pogo cafe, dishing up some great vegan foods and providing regular indie nights to be inspired!

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