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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Erama Hair Ties & Loc Buns

Treat your locs to some fabulous hair ties by Erama Hair Ties
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As the weather is due to heat up - we're slow in the UK with getting the sun lol - my favourite style that is so easy to do is the bun. It keeps my locs off my shoulders and neck and can be dressed up/down according to what you wear. I was on the look-out for a little something to add to my buns. I am super lazy and quite useless with styling, but these ties have been amazing and simple to use! It also offers a variety of ways that it can be used to style - see model's pic.

More information: "The hair tie is comprised of a hairpipe (The long bone shape) on one end, and a pendant on the other. Elastic cord holds the two together. You take the pendant and place it where you want it to stay put on your head. While holding the pendant in place with one hand, you take the free hand and wrap the cord around the hair you want in the ponytail. You can wrap it around a small patch of hair for a half up, half down effect, the entire head for a head band effect, around all of the hair for one ponytail, or you can experiment and come up with new ways. Once you have the cord wrapped around and achieve the desired tightness and location, take the hair pipe and stick it through the hole on the pendant. This secures the hair tie in place. Now you are all ready to go!

It is simple, affordable, stylish, and makes a huge difference. The days of the homely pony are over! Hello Stylish Natural Folks! Hello Hot Mamas and Papas!"

Amber (creative creator of Erama Hair Ties) says,"I specialize in custom order jewelry that accents any kind of hair, especially curly hair, thick hair, natural hair, sisterlocks, traditional dread locks, or any type of hair that doesn't fit well with traditional ponytail holders. If you have hair that falls into any of these categories, then you know how difficult it can be to find a pony tail holder that fits all of your hair into it, allows you to determine how tight or loose you want the hair to be pulled, DOES NOT pull your hair out, AND is FASHIONABLE and accents your style and taste.

For all of my stylish moms and dads out there: some days are definitely ponytail days. You know the days, you wake up sluggish, but there is a toddler pulling on your pj bottoms. You see that cute face and you know what time it is. Just because you don't have time to wash, blow dry, straighten, curl, flat iron, moose up, etc, doesn't mean you don't have time to be cute. It is time to dress up the ponytail; to make it not only functional, but gorgeous!

Look no Further!

My hair jewelry is made with natural stones, metals, bone and horn hairpipe, and elastic cord. They are easily adjustable, affordable, stylish, and gentle on the hair."

My Loc Bun:
As my locs are very thick, it has been a chore looking for hair accessories that wouldn't snap or break while trying them on. These are GREAT!


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peace sis ..lookign forwarsd to reading up on your locs and getting tips and good vibes ..peace and love
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Nasheikah said...

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