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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Mellow Moods With Asa

I love how music has a magical way of coming forward to you just at the right time, when it's needed most! I felt a certain way and heard a certain song - and fell in love with the energy! The song "Jailer" was an accidental bliss-full find that brought me to this artist.

Asa's music is so perfect for those mellow moments - I tend to listen in to my music most when I'm doing a home yoga session or when I'm writing articles, my way of reflecting with both my own body/mind to the words of music.

Asa's bio: "Africa, like a bubbling melting pot at the heart of today’s most exciting musical movements… Africa, like a cry of rebellion ringing in your ears… Africa, like an enduring mark on all the television screens of the world… Africa, like…

Asa was born in Paris. Her early life in the City of Light left the little girl with only the vaguest of (happy) memories, since she was no more than two years old when her family returned to live in Nigeria. Paris was just one stage in the life of her courageous and hard-working parents. But her fate was tied up with the city: it was to Paris that Asa returned twenty years later and where her life as an artist took wing. " (read more)

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