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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Inner-View: HKB FiNN

In His Words: HKB FiNN

Photo By Sunara Begum

Where can we fnnd you online?

You can find me online at:

Please give us 2-3 sentences describing your Self in your own vision.

I’m a spoken word artist, humanist & businessman

What is your mission statement/quote for how you approach life?

My mission is to honour my forebears by living this life to the full. I try whenever I can to embrace my potential by using the pursuit of excellence as my starting point for everything I do.

Please tell us about your work and what inspired you in this direction?

My work is a blend of Hip Hop & conventional Poetry. I was inspired by the music of my childhood… Bob Marley, Issac Hayes and many more artists who inspired me to write and perform.

Has there been any particular memorable time in your Self journey where you faced Self challenge and changed/transitioned in your journey?

Everyday as a soletrader is a challenge. One of the greatest challenges I faced, was in 2005. I had just begun my business as a label owner, but I owed a big studio bill which had to be paid in 35 days or I risked loosing all my assets. I didn’t have the money and the studio threatened to destroy all my ‘master tapes’. I used the little money I had to create a limited edition CD, which I sold door to door, on the street, in parks, clubs, gigs… just about anywhere I could. I sold enough over the last two weeks of the period and paid the bill. After that, my whole outlook had changed. I realised that I was my biggest sales representative.

Please share your favourite affirmations.

1.I am descended from Greatness
2.I will be the change I seek in others
3.In debt you stand alone, in profit you’re a friend to many
4.Excellence is it’s own reward
5.Always give the customer the best quality product

How would you describe the creative-culture scene in the UK and London for those who are interested in finding out about it?

The UK is one of the most vibrant countries in the world. The creative-culture scene is extremely forgiving, inventive, powerful and always full of life. If you need to learn more… check out myspace UK.

Please share any links to websites that focus on your favourite creative events.

Do you have any daily spiritual or/and motivational rituals that keeps you focused in your Self growth and creativity?

I often have a re-affirmation prayer I use in the mornings, thanking my ancestors, thanking my parents, thanking my doubters and thanking my friends for reminding my that while I wait, others persist. While I doubt, others are sure. But, I also remind myself, that as a small business, I am my own boss so today is always a good day.

Could you recommend any must-read and must-see books and films that inspire you?

I’d have to recommend a book called: ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho…every self starter should check out this text.

Movie-wise, I’d recommend: Pay it Forward (Starring Kevin Spacey). It’s an excellent film about the power of kindness. Every business owner should see this film.

What would be your top tips to being motivated and living in truth to Self?

My top tips for self motivation…are simple:

1.Don’t lie to yourself
2.Do re-affirm your goals by writing or memorising them
3.Don’t beat yourself up for being tired or scared
4.Do let people help but never let them railroad your dream
5.Don’t forget you’re unique, so no one will totally understand until your work is done. Then they say… “Aah. I get it.”
6.Give people space to doubt you, but don’t be consumed by their ignorance
7.Do one thing towards building your dream every day (no matter how small…its worth it. A brick wall is made from lots of bricks…so build yours slowly but sure.

Do you have any advice/tips for anyone who may be wishing to take their creativity to a Higher-Self level?

Only one tip…Be real…

Please share any projects that you are working on.

I’m working on a new EP called: Dirty. Out in autumn 2008. I’m also working on our first UK tour for 3 years. We’re promoting the new album LiGHT iN THE SHADE OF DARKNESS and we’re due to start this autumn.

Where do you see your Self in 10 years time?

Looking back and wondering: “Where did it all go so fast?”

HKB FiNN’s new album:
LiGHT iN THE SHADE OF DARKNESS is out now on iTunes
Or on CD from

Visit: for more details.

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