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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Europe Love: African-Spanish Connection With Concha Buika

Spain has long been a place of change and arguably over the last 5 years it has become very noticeable with a new dimension to it. After going back to Madrid last Summer (for the first time in almost 10 years... time flies lol! ) to get back to my roots and see the changes, I can honestly can say that I hardly recognised the city I grew up around. I welcome change and feel happy to be part of that beautiful vibrant mix!

Today's energy focus is on a womban named Concha Buika .
This lady is simply divine! If you get a chance to see her, please do.

"Magnificent. Her music is the rare fusion that honours all its sources." - New York Times

Flamenco music has always been around me - I grew up tuning into it (enjoying the classics to the modern). I feel at home with her refreshing energy - I love the strong mix of soul, jazz and raw flamenco that makes her songs so unique... Her-story is an amazing one! I'm hoping this is a chance for many other artists in Spain to break out open and become known - from what is already a growing pool of artists that are fusing the tradional with new.

For London readers, she will be performing "Mi Nina Lola"on Friday 14 March @ Sadler's Wells - part of the flamenco festival 2008.

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